Event Log Manager

Event Log Manager 1.3

Centralized event log management with simpler methods and usage

Event Log Manager is an application derived out of requirement to have a simple solution to view and analyze many events occurring in the computers connected across in a network with ease. With the help of visual representation, critical events can be isolated and addressed before major impact can occur.

Event Log Manager helps the system administrators in downloading the system,application and security event logs locally and analyze them easily.
The application has been designed keeping in mind the the actual usage and the managers who like to use application which serves the exact purpose and is easy to use. Event Log Manager has been designed using simplest possible backend which can be easily interpreted by administrators with out experience in handling databases or any other complicated storage mechanisms.

Event Log Manger helps you in :
* Downloading and consolidate the event logs from many workstations at a time (centralized event log management).
* Search event logs for specific events with ease for isolating key events.
* Identify and keep you informed about event occurances through mail.
* Analysis of event statistics with report generation.
* Automatic event log audits and reporting keeps you updated with out any user intervention.

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